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Why eco-friendly matters

Long-term use of eco-friendly products can help or even eradicate breathing and neurological health issues caused by cleaning chemicals. Researchers have long associated chemicals in cleaning products when mixed give off an adverse reaction that can cause coughing, difficulty breathing, and a host of other reactions.

Karen Wellington, Founder of Royalty Plant-Base Cleaning Company (RPCC), spent a major part of her life growing up in the clean mountainous air of Jamaica, and believes in the power of clean and eco-friendly products. When she migrated to the US a couple of decades ago, she used the harsh chemicals readily and easily found in stores, and experienced firsthand the adverse effects of these harsh chemicals. Karen developed breathing issues and had to use two different rescue inhalers daily.  Karen knew it was time to revert to her clean and natural roots.

Today, Karen takes pride in using eco-friendly and plant-based cleaning products and making her own cleaning products. It has been scientifically proven that you don’t have to use harsh chemicals to have a clean, bacteria-free, and fresh-smelling environment.
Why Royalty Plant-Base Cleaning Company

Royalty Plant-Base Cleaning Company (RPCC) is the direct and positive result of Karen’s 180-degree change. RPCC is a unique business in the commercial and private cleaning service market, the uniqueness comes from the environmentally friendly products she consciously decided to use in the homes and offices of her clients.

RPCC uses products that will help our clients breathe fresh air without harsh chemicals  while doing the job quickly and effectively. The fundamental objective of Royalty Plant Base Company is to re-direct a population to clean with plant-based/eco-friendly products that works quickly and cleans and freshens the space and also join in the fight by taking responsibility to reduce our environmental impact.  The work we all need to do to minimize and eventually reverse the damage to our ecosystems, and leave a restored planet for our future generation.
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